Our Activities

Types of Activities

  1. Activities to Protect the Environment
  2. Activities to promote social education
  3. Activities to promote community development
  4. Activities for international cooperation

Areas of Efforts

Our members come from various industries and fields, and are working on different subjects related to green building.

JGBC 23 Areas of Efforts (PDF)

Past Activities

We have organized numbers of seminars and events. For details, please look at our history and the links below.

JGBC History of Activities
May, 1997 "The 1st Global Environmental Seminar" (Nagoya/Osaka/Hiroshima)
March, 1998 Inaugural Meeting
April, 1998 Kick-Off Seminar (Tokyo/Nagoya)
May, 1998 "The 2nd Global Environmental Seminar" (Nagoya/Osaka/Fukuoka)
March, 1999 1-year Anniversary Seminar (Nagoya)
June, 1999 "The 3rd Global Environmental Seminar" (Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka)
November, 1999 Green Building Study Tour (USA)
November, 1999 Preparatory Meeting for the Establishment of the World Green Building Council (USA)
April, 2000 "Earth Day Festival"
November, 2000 Memorial Seminar & the 1st National Meeting
October, 2000 - March, 2001 Green Inspector Training Program
February, 2002 "The 4th Global Environmental Seminar" (Tokyo/Nagoya)
March, 2002 Incorporated as a Non-Profit Organization
March, 2003 The 2nd National Meeting & Ecolodge Shimanto Tour (Nakamura city, Kochi)
September, 2003 - March, 2005 Green Commissioning of Existing Buildings (5 Facilities)
November, 2004 Exhibition booth at the "Aichi Eco-Tech Fair"
February, 2005 Participation in Germany's "Eco Housing Mission"
July, 2005 "World Life & Environmental Exchange" (Aichi Expo)
 <Aichi Expo> "Memorial Green Seminar" (Nagoya)
May, 2006 "Environmental Seminar: Cross-Cultural Perspectives" (Nagoya)
March, 2007 The 3rd National Meeting & Environmental Seminar (Tottori)
May, 2009 10-year Anniversary Event

For more details and pictures of the events, please click below.
JGBC's history of activities(PDF)

Past Activities

Earthday 2000

2005 World Life & Environmental Exchange

Environment & Lifestyle Survey

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